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Improvised weekend in Amsterdam with my little dog: deserted streets and Marken Island

Our journey began on a whim. It was in January 2022, and Covid was still very present. I was bored, I wanted to make a little getaway, and with my husband we decided to go to Amsterdam for the weekend. So I prepared a small suitcase for us, all my dog's travel stuff, and here we are on the road to Amsterdam.

Unfortunately, once we arrived in Amsterdam, we realized that with Covid, all shops, museums, bars and restaurants were closed. We still decided to stay 2 days, and visit the deserted streets of the city, as well as the small island of Marken.

Amsterdam's street are a real enchantment for the eyes. With its narrow and high houses, colorful facades and picturesque canals, the city is a real invitation to stroll. While walking through the streets, I was able to admire the typical architecture of Dutch houses, with their richly decorated gables and facades. Bicycles are also omnipresent, giving the city a special charm and a relaxed atmosphere.

Marken, a small island in the Netherlands, was one of the most pleasant surprises of my journey. Located about thirty kilometers from Amsterdam, the island of Marken is a small preserved nugget, with its colorful houses, small bridges, canals and windmills. As soon as we arrived, we were charmed by this peaceful and authentic atmosphere. We started our visit with a walk with our dog along the dike, which offers a breathtaking view of the sea and the surroundings. We then strolled through the streets of the village, admiring the wooden houses painted in bright colors and their well-maintained gardens.

We stopped to admire the famous Marken lighthouse, built in 1839, which offers a panoramic view of the island and the surrounding area. Unfortunately we were unable to visit it because of the work that was in progress and Covid. The same applies to the small museum of the Maison de Marken, which traces the history of the island and its inhabitants. We left the island of Marken with an unforgettable impression of tranquility and beauty. It was a real breath of fresh air and an authentic experience, which I highly recommend to all those looking to discover an unknown facet of the Netherlands. This small traditional island is a real jewel.

Despite the closure of shops, museums, bars and restaurants in Amsterdam due to Covid, we appreciated the beauty of the city's streets and canals as well as the small island of Marken. But our thirst for adventure and discovery pushed us, again on a whim, to leave Amsterdam to discover a new destination, Prague. We decided to take the road and discover this magical city, with the hope of finding new experiences and unforgettable moments to share with our dog.


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