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Go on an adventure, in Tesla with my dog, to discover Europe

I am delighted to share with you my unforgettable experience of a Tesla road trip with my husband and our little dog, Pooky. We traveled thousands of kilometers and visited incredible places, from the charming city of Amsterdam to the colorful streets of Stockholm, through the historic cities of Prague and Copenhagen. We left in January, so it was cold, but that didn't stop us from enjoying every moment of this incredible adventure.

PS: You can find the full details of our trip, in detail in the "Country" page.

Our trip began in January, when we decided to leave for a weekend to change air. What I thought was a simple weekend of relaxation quickly turned into an extraordinary 3-week adventure, filled with emotions, discoveries and breathtaking landscapes. And the best thing about all this is that we had our adorable little dog by our side. What more could you ask for!

We started our journey from Nancy, where we live, towards Amsterdam. It is such a unique and beautiful city, with picturesque canals, historic buildings and a relaxed atmosphere. I strongly recommend everyone to visit Amsterdam at least once in their life. Our Tesla, thanks to the autopilot and comfort, made the trip easy and pleasant, without stress or fatigue. We were able to fully enjoy every moment, whether admiring the magnificent views or discovering new places, even in winter. Then, we continued our journey towards Prague, a city full of history and charm. We visited many historical monuments and tasted local cuisine, while enjoying the comfort of our Tesla on the go. It's a real plus to have the chance to go on such a trip with a Tesla!

We then went to Copenhagen via Mons Klint, an essential destination for nature lovers. The breathtaking snowy landscapes and clean air have allowed us to recharge our batteries fully. We arrived at Mons Klint in the night, at 2 o'clock. So we decided to sleep in the car, while we were loading the Tesla. Thanks to the heated seats and the camping mode of the car, we spent the night serenely and warm, for free. To end our adventure, we headed for Stockholm, a city full of life and culture. We discovered the city, visited museums and took an incredible walk in the Tyresta National Park. Our dog particularly liked this destination, because Sweden is a very welcoming country for our pets and dog-friendly.

Above all, what made our trip even more special was our little dog who accompanied us on this adventure. He enjoyed every moment with us, we ran in nature, in the snow and hiked in the mountains. He loved every moment with us and made our trip even more memorable. Every day was a unique adventure that changed our lives forever.

In short, our trip in Tesla was one of the most incredible adventures of our lives. This allowed us to get out of our comfort zone, discover new places, get closer to nature and create even stronger bonds with our faithful four-legged companion. We have learned to appreciate the little things in life and to live in the present moment. If you are looking for a unique travel experience, I highly recommend a road trip by car, what's more in Tesla. You won't regret it!


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